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Smitten Creative | Candice Blansett-Cummins

Beautifully strategic branding & Squarespace web design

You want to attract the best customers who come back over and over again and tell their friends, and spend the least amount of time making this happen, so you can focus on what makes your business incomparable. Marketing needn’t be manipulative or forced to be wildly effective. It can be smart and evocative with a curated set of ideas, pictures and words that are true to you. I make this happen with branding and web design that lets your singularity speak for itself. Together we create a beautifully strategic brand that invites customers to fall in love and go steady. Let's find your people.
Located in Illinois
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Service Packages

Web Design | A storefront that’s always open

Your website is your place on the web. You own it. Done well, it effectively works on your behalf even while you sleep. Let’s make it beautiful and smart — hello traffic, hello sales. Includes: • site structure, page design and implementation for usability and effectiveness • basic SEO and accessibility • headline, heading and sub-heading recommendations for clarity and connection • stock-imagery starter pack (5 licensed images) • individualized site maintenance video and style guide

Projects starting at $4,500.00
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Brand Audit | Strategy to nurture conversion

Your brand should speak for itself and say and show the things your customers need to fall in love. A brand's purpose is its substance, its branding its style and they both need to communicate clearly, effectively, and in unquestionable relationship. As our businesses grow, it can be easy to lose the cohesion and clarity of our initial branding. This service quickly diagnoses which areas could benefit from a fresh perspective to keep growth and customer retention going. Includes analysis of your visual and verbal identity on your website and digital channels, specifically: • messaging, voice and tone • graphic assets and typography • imagery/photography • social media feeds on visual platforms • email marketing templates

Projects starting at $2,000.00
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Brand Strategy | Your wildly effective plan

Whether our business is new or already very successful, strategy is the foundation that underlies effective visual and verbal branding. Starting with expert strategy, and keeping it fresh as we evolve, is key to longevity and growth. With this engagement we will define the core that underpins the singularity of your business, assess the marketplace to know where your business will thrive and personify the language and visuals used to connect with your ideal customers.

Projects starting at $4,500.00
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I advise, design and build charming, thoughtful, incomparable brands. I’ve been around many a block, including Big Corp and Local Indie, and have used my curiously strategic artists’ mind to help a whole lot of businesses, founders and leaders figure it out. My first, second and maybe even third question is probably "why?". Work with me and you get much more than a single-niche service — you get a brand strategist, a marketer, a copywriter, a graphic designer and a web designer and developer keeping their eye on how all the parts fit together. My right-brain and left-brain get along really well: I expertly mix design & strategy, intuition & thought, art & acumen, the creative & the technical, so you have just one person to consult on the tricky stuff and get your answers in plain language. Let's talk about how I can help your business grow. Book a free consultation here:
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