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Brand + Web Design Package

Projects starting at $8,000

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BRAND DESIGN This package provides you with everything you need to get started, and the end result is a custom brand that you can love and begin sharing! You'll receive three logo concepts to select and provide feedback on, a letterhead design, business card design, envelope design, email signature, and social media cover image/profile image. WEB DESIGN A custom one-page website that provides information about your ideal clients, your expertise and services, your background, and how to get in touch. It will function like a traditional website except on a single page. Your logo, brand colors, and fonts will be applied throughout the page. Images that fit your style can be sourced if you don't already have images to provide. Additional features can be implemented, such as headshots, faqs, testimonials, social media links, booking links, email opt-in forms, etc.

About this service

BRANDING PHASE - Signed Contract - Branding Questionnaire - Business and Contact info - Schedule 1:1 Brand Consult - Provide color schemes ideas - Design Logo concepts and present them for feedback - Make adjustments to logo and finalize - Design brand board to include final logo, colors, and fonts (the steps above is what is required to complete before the website can proceed) - Design each deliverable and present them for feedback - Make adjustments to each deliverable and finalize WEB DESIGN PHASE - Signed Contract - Website Questionnaire - Domain Access - Hosting Access - Website Content - Schedule 1:1 onboarding call BUILD PHASE - Building and customizing your website to fit your need and attract clients - Create a privacy policy and terms pages for your website to comply with legal standards - Adding features such as faq, testimonials, booking links, social media links, email opt-in forms, etc. FINALIZATION PHASE - Removing any unused assets - Implementing basic SEO elements - Optimizing site for best performance OFFBOARDING PHASE - Providing all login information - Send all brand files and template links - Access to the tutorial video library - Two Weeks Support - Website Maintenance Support Subscriptions


BRAND DESIGN - 3 logo concepts to select and provide feedback on - Letterhead design - Business card design - Envelope design - Email signature - Social media cover image/profile image - Design template links WEB DESIGN A four-page website that is branded and customized to resonate with your ideal clients and attract new customers! Our websites are always easy to navigate and responsive on all devices! When the site is finished, it's all yours; you get all the login information plus two weeks of support. But if you ever need our help in the future, we offer Website Support subscriptions to all our past clients to help keep your website updated, secure, backed up, etc.

Projects starting at $8,000

Reach out to start a conversation about your project needs.

Brand Design

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