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Natalia Gindler Corsini

Global Corporate Compliance-Risk Management Consultant

As a compliance officer, I have developed and enhanced pan-regional compliance frameworks for companies across various industries. I advise multinational corporations on designing and implementing compliance and risk management structures globally. My contributions include orchestrating the creation of pan-regional compliance systems, strengthening policy adherence to laws and regulations, and influencing next-stage risk models. I excel in developing compliance teams through coaching and mentoring. I offer unparalleled expertise in safeguarding stakeholders' interests. Languages: EN, ES, PT.
Located in Florida
Freelancing for 3-5 years
We’ll work well together if: there's commitment to ethical behavior + willingness to make things happen.
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Service Packages

Corporate Compliance Training - In Person

What is included: * Customized Training Modules * Interactive Learning Experience * Compliance Documentation * Ongoing Support * Regular Updates

Hourly rate $150.00

Content for Online or In-Person Training

* Content for online or in-person Ethics and Compliance training, that inspire learners with visually appealing design,relevant content, and compelling scenarios. * Mainly focused on the following subjects: Anti-Corruption / Anti-Money Laundering / Anti-Harassment / Code of Conduct / Business Ethics / Export Controls / Data Privacy / Anti-Trust. * In English, Spanish or Portuguese. * PowerPoint slides, Animation or A.I.

Hourly rate $150.00

Corporate Compliance Program Implementation

What is included: * Compliance assessment and gap analysis * Policy and procedure development * Training and education * Risk assessment and management * Compliance monitoring and reporting * Internal controls implementation * Continuous improvement I help clients achieve several key objectives: * Determine areas requiring i adjustment to meet regulatory standards and industry best practices * Establish guidelines for employees to follow to ensure adherence to relevant laws and regulations * Equip employees with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill their compliance obligations effectively * Develop strategies and controls to mitigate identified risks and prevent compliance breaches * Recommend reports for management and regulatory authorities to demonstrate compliance efforts and outcomes * Adapt the compliance program to evolving regulatory requirements, industry standards, and organizational needs to maintain effectiveness over time

Hourly rate $150.00

Corporate Compliance Training - Online

What is included: * Customized Training Modules * Interactive Learning Experience * Accessible Platform * Compliance Documentation * Ongoing Support * Regular Updates

Hourly rate $150.00

Corporate Compliance Program Enhancement

What is included: * Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the current compliance framework; * Identifying gaps and areas for improvement; * Designing and implementing new policies and procedures; * Providing training and education programs for employees; * Establishing monitoring and reporting mechanisms; and, * Offering ongoing support and guidance to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. I help clients achieve several key objectives: * Strengthening the company's commitment to ethical behavior and integrity. * Mitigating risks associated with non-compliance, such as legal penalties, reputational damage, and financial loss. * Improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining processes and reducing inefficiencies. * Enhancing trust and confidence among stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, and regulators.

Hourly rate $150.00


Over 25 years of experience in global and national companies. In multinational companies, was responsible for Compliance in Latin America (Training, Anti-corruption Programs, Export Controls, Third-Party Management); coordinated corporate investigations; and supported Compliance audits and internal controls. Certified by ACFE-USA and board member of the Florida chapter; holds an MBA in Finance, Controller, and Audit and specialization in HR. Founded Prae Venire, a corporate Compliance consultancy that provides personalized assistance to startups, medium-sized companies, and global organizations in building a culture of integrity and Compliance with programs tailored to their size and sector, providing organizations and their individuals the opportunity to strictly comply with laws, promoting a culture where ethics, fraud prevention practices, and respect in the workplace and business are fundamental to maintaining profitability and sustainability.

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