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Lisa Rexroad, LiL-Roc HR Consulting

Learning, Leadership & Team Development Consultant

Lisa is an accomplished Learning & Development leader with over 20 years across multiple global industries focusing her expertise in learning, talent and organizational effectiveness. She has experience in strategic partnerships, human capital needs analysis and leadership workshop facilitation leveraging individual/team assessments. With her diverse and consultative approach, Lisa works with organizations to better understand their people, processes and tools (technology) in order to enhance their overall people strategy and culture in today's changing and dynamic environments.
Located in Illinois
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Service Packages

Everything DiSC® Workplace® - Communication

Everything DiSC® Workplace® is an assessment-based learning experience that engages each participant in building more effective relationships at work. It teaches people to understand themselves and others while learning to appreciate the different behavioral preferences and tendencies each person brings to the workplace. Using personalized insights and actionable strategies, participants learn how to adapt to the style of others, ultimately improving engagement, collaboration, and the overall culture of your organization.

Projects starting at $2,500.00

HR Organizational Design & Development

Looking for an organizational design refresh but don't have all the time in the world? This service is great for any organization that needs to reevaluate or realign their internal people operations to support business needs. We'll look at your people strategy and focus on three main areas: people, processes and tools. Through my unique approach (which includes me taking on most of the "heavy lifting"), you will walk away with deeper insights, actionable next steps and measurable outcomes.

Hourly rate $150.00

Hogan Personality Assessments

I am certified to administer, interpret and coach on the Leadership Forecast Series. This series of reports gives leaders a better understanding of their performance capabilities, challenges, and underlying motivators along with a five-step development planning worksheet and career development primer. Paired with a one-on-one feedback session, leaders will be well-equipped to build high performing teams and thriving organizations.

Projects starting at $1,800.00

Change Management (Prosci)

Change is an inevitable part of life, especially when it comes to shifting from the routine (or comfortable) to the unknown (or uncomfortable). Typically, people are reluctant to change but, when understanding the reason behind it and having a methodology to support, the shift is much easier. Are you, your team or organization experiencing change? Some examples could include...transitioning to a new HRIS system or learning platform (LMS), integrating AI technology in personalized learning journeys, implementing a coaching structure along with your performance management process or revamping your compensation structure. If any of these more "technical" changes are about to occur or are on the horizon, please read on for further information regarding the "people" approach to change using the Prosci 3-Phase Process, including the PCT Model and the ADKAR® Model.

Projects starting at $2,750.00

Team Development/High Performing Teams

Did you know that only 1 in 5 teams is considered a "high performing" team? Why is this? Well, it could be several factors but some of the "symptoms" include team members feeling siloed, not having the resources to do their jobs effectively, misaligned goals/vision or lack of trust or courage to work through disagreements. Do you as a leader experience this dysfunction? If so, The Rocket Model™ might be what you need to create a high performing team. Note: A "team" could consist of a minimum of 3 members. Services include: Team Analysis; Team Assessment Tool/Reports; Leader Debrief Session; Team Debrief Workshop; Up to two follow-up consultations and The Rocket Model™ book. Sessions/Workshops are customizable; length can be determined upon intake process.

Projects starting at $5,500.00


I'm an accomplished Learning and Development leader leveraging a combination of strategic thinking, analytical leadership, passion and energy that drive solutions within learning, talent and organizational effectiveness. I have over 20 years' experience in multiple industries which has provided me with a diverse perspective as a subject matter expert and specialist within human resources, operating from both a global & corporate level.

My areas of expertise include:    

●     Strategic HR & Executive Business Partnerships

●     Talent Management

●     Global Learning & Leadership Development

●     Organizational Needs Assessment

●     Change Management

●     Workshop Facilitation

●     Coaching & Mentoring

●     Employee Engagement & Retention

●     Performance Management

●     Vendor Negotiations

●     Process Improvements

●     Budgets & Cost Containment

I am more of a morning bird
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